Apios Americana seeds

Hi Bill,

I’m interested in growing apios americana and I’ve noticed you’ve been trying to get them to produce more seeds. What’s the status on that ? I’ve found it impossible to find seeds in Canada, only standard non improved tubers.

I currently have some tubers from an artisanal seed company in Montreal (Apios americana (Patate en chapelet) - www.terrepromise.ca) and a native plant preservation company in Quebec (Patates en chapelet), I’m hoping they’re from two different accessions.

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I get some seed in warm years and I now have enough plants that I might be able to produce enough to sell. We’ll see. Groundnut is not particularly well adapted to my climate, so progress is slow.

The varieties that do best in cold climates are triploid and sterile. My guess is that those are the types you are most likely to find in Canada.

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