Cimatli Breeding

Just thought I would show some of my winter crossing progress. I work mostly with cultivated potato (S. tuberosum), but I have also been working on Cimatli. Since there is a lot of information out there on cultivated potato I thought it would be nice to give a glimpse of our work on Cimatli. I do a lot of research on other wild species as well, especially the 1EBN species.

The Cimatli crossing block at Michigan State University next to various 1EBN species on the back end of the bench

20211022_092215 (1) (1)
Advanced breeding lines along with parental wild species

Typical S. ehrenbergii flowers on an advanced breeding line

Ripening fruit on a species introgression. The plant is a S. jamesii x S. bulbocastanum hybrid and the pollen parent is an advanced Cimatli breeding line

Flowers on the S. jamesii x S. bulbocastanum hybrid. These are surprisingly very fragrant. You can smell them from 10 feet away.

S. lesteri blooming, I am hoping to introgress this into the Cimatli breeding population for the trichomes.

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Thanks for sharing the photos. I learned something new.