Greetings from Russia!

Hi guys, my name is Sergey,I live in Russia. For many years I have been growing potatoes,these are the most common varieties that you can buy in the supermarket, but for the last 4 years I have been interested in potatoes with blue,purple, red flesh. It was interesting and informative, and now I decided to move on. I study various information about such crops as Oca, Ulluco,Yacon,Mashua and other root crops. I want to ask the experts if it is possible to grow it in USDA zone 4, what is the best way to propagate it, seeds or tubers, is it possible for me to buy it with delivery to Russia? Best regards!

I’m definitely not the expert, just a learner like you. I think that none of those will be perennial in the ground in your region. But you should be able to take the tubers/rhizomes and store them over the winter pretty easily! I’ve done that even in my mild climate zone 8b. I think the trouble you might have is if your growing season isn’t long enough and/or the day lengths don’t work work out to allow tubers to form. Yacon might be an exception to that.

I managed to buy Oxalis tuberosa tubers, now it is growing very actively, I will show the result after harvesting.

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The main problem that you will have to deal with in such a cold climate is how early the first frost arrives. You must grow oca, ulluco, and mashua until at least November in order to get a harvest because they don’t form tubers until after the autumn equinox. In zone 4 areas of the USA, they often get frost starting by early October, so the tubers are very small, if they form at all. None of them would survive the winter in the ground, but it is normal to harvest them in the fall anyway.