Growing from mini-tubers

Hey all! Anyone have tips on growing from mini-tubers? I’m in Canada zone 5, and I’ve been advised that the potatoes may need some time in the sun in pots before I put them in the ground. I’d love to get more info about this process since there doesn’t seem to be much available.


I have minimal experience, but I have started some in 4” pots. They grew roots pretty quickly; I maybe had them in the pots for one or two weeks? I felt like it was a good start before planting them in the field if you have the protected space.

Hey, so I have a lot of experience with minitubers (Michigan zone 4-5). Starting them in pots first certainly wont hurt anything, but it isnt necessary. You can plant them directly out in the garden, just don’t plant them as deep as you would full sized seed potato pieces. Once they are up, you can hill them as they get bigger to make up for the shallow initial planting depth.