New potato - 'Nellie'

This is the newest potato I am releasing next season - ‘Nellie’
I couldn’t think of a name for it so I did a naming competition on Linkedin and the lady I drew named it after herself.

This is the third that I have selected that has commercial potential for market gardeners - produces well, good sized tubers, easy to peel. Though the flesh colour makes it a bit of a novelty type. I already have a market gardener wanting to buy tubers in the winter so he can build up stock for himself.

I love the strong purple flesh that turns bright blue when cooked, and also has a great flavour. A winner in my books though really only appeals to people who love unusual coloured vegetables, lol.

Now that I have proved it over a couple of years I will apply to register it with OSSI this coming week.

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Looks great! Is it diploid or tetraploid?

I am experimenting with a new system for pledging OSSI varieties. You can enter your variety here if you want to try it out:

It’s a tetraploid Bill. I have filled out the OSSI form, but yes, the form really doesn’t suit pledging potatoes.

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That looks great! i really enjoy the pigmented potatoes. Michigan State University recently released a variety called “Blackberry” which is one of my favorites right now. The sibling of Blackberry which we call “Tie-dye” has white eyes and purple flesh like yours and I really liked the combination unfortunately Tie-dye is a long season variety so it likely wont be commercialized. So I am excited to see that there is another potato that has that great color combination that has some potential!

If you like this phenotype, crosses between Muru and All Blue or Bora Valley give a lot of tubers with similar appearance and good performance.