Novelty potato thread

Pop in and show us your novelty potatoes that may not be particularly useful but you keep them for fun. I love seeing the weird ones that people come up with from TPS.

I will start off with one of mine that everyone seems to want tubers of even though it has really ugly flesh and makes the ugliest mashed potato you will ever see, though it tastes really good. I call it ‘Bloodshot’ because when you cut it in half it looks like a bloodshot eye.

The flesh colour is marbled red/purple and yellow. I wasn’t going to offer the tubers for sale because I didn’t think anyone would be interested but I have been surprised, lol


I have a similar one that I call Ink Blot. Same deal. Makes a nice roasted potato. Mashed, it looks like you put road kill through a meat grinder.

I’d have a hard timing picking a potato for this. Mine are all novelty potatoes. :wink:

Bloody Banana is pretty fun, but not very practical.


I love that one Bill. It looks amazing.