Welcome to the Cultivariable forum! (Updated 2021)

The purpose of this forum is to provide a place to talk about growing, breeding, and eating lesser known crop plants. Here you have an opportunity to share what has worked for you and to find out what works for others. I would love to see pictures of your gardens and hear about how you use what you grow. Please try to keep discussion light and suitable for general audiences. I run the forum for fun and hopefully that is why you are here too.

This forum was closed from 2017 through 2020 due to a combination of software problems and low traffic (since social media has pretty much replaced web forums). I have migrated the old forum to new, much better software and I anticipate keeping it open as long as Cultivariable is in business.

The change in software resulted in some breakage. I lost the link between some of the accounts and the posts, so older posts may have lost their authors. If you had an account previously, I can re-link it to your email if you email me and tell me your previous user name and your email address. If you didn’t post anything previously, you might as well just make a new account. You can log in through Google, Facebook, or Twitter or you can create an account directly. If you had a Cultivariable shop account before Jan 15th 2021, you may be able to login with the same user and password, but it is a separate account. New accounts on the Cultivariable shop will not transfer here - you will need to sign up for both. This is to prevent the forum, which is inherently less secure than the shop, from becoming a way for hackers to target the shop.

Note that this is not a good place to receive order support. Email us with order questions, since I’ll take email as a higher priority than forum posts. If your question pertains only to you, then please email help@cultivariable.com. If others will benefit from your question, post it here. Other members may give you a better answer than I could, since my experience is limited to my climate.


The forum is now running on Discourse, a modern, fully featured (complicated) forum. It will probably take me a while to learn all the ins and outs, but hopefully it is working well enough to join and post.

It is my intention to reduce the amount of content that I post on social media platforms and increase the amount of time that I spend on this forum. I have really benefited from social media, but I am becoming more and more leery of the power that these companies have accumulated and I would rather not continue to give them lots of content that they can use to hold me hostage in the future. So, I hope you will join us here and stop by from time to time!


If you had an account in the previous incarnation of the forum and would like to reclaim your posts, just reply to them with your new user name and I will fix them.

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And open source ! Congratulations on putting this up.

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