What code is the Cultivariable site and forum run on?

I’m curious what code the site and forum is run on. Would you be willing to tell or describe the basic structure or even share some of the code with us, @bill ?

The Closing of the Cultivariable group on Facebook made me reevaluate my own online presence. I’m a nursery gardener and maintain a small business in Denmark, Europe. I would like to leave more of the social media platforms behind, but it requires me to make our website and communications more robust. I’m currently running the website on wordpress, which is fine, but also heavy and I wonder if something more light-weight and less dependent on all kinds of third-party plugins are available.

As described by bill in Welcome to the Cultivariable forum! (Updated 2021), the forum runs on Discourse, but what about the site? Very grateful if you’re willing to share something about your practice, bill.

The Cultivariable website runs Wordpress and Woocommerce and, as you noted, the forum runs Discourse. I have thought often about moving off of Wordpress, particularly since they are now focused on the block editor, which has no value to me and increasingly just creates problems that I have to work around, but it hasn’t become painful enough to leave yet. I sometimes think about dumping it and writing a new site from scratch, but that is a major undertaking. There are probably good alternatives, but the site has been running Wordpress since 2013, so I haven’t done a comparison recently.

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