What's happening at your place?

Just to help get some discussion going here is what’s happening at my place (Australia).
At the start of the season I had 4 seed grown arracacha plants that I was hoping to flower and get seed from. Unfortunately, for some reason, two just up and suddenly died so I only have two. I have to be so careful to get them through the coming winter as I most likely won’t be able to get more in Australia.

I don’t have room to grow everything I want now so I am concentrating on my spuds, though I really mist growing some of the rare South American vegetables and although I tried to spread them around after the farm I was leasing was sold, I have been disappointed not to see them for sale on Ebay or anywhere else by home growers so I hope they are not lost forever.

This has been a weird summer, even for El Nina. Our nights have continued to be cold, sometimes near to frost, even when the days are hot so it has been stressful for our summer vegetables and difficult to get them going. In our last El Nina 11 years ago we had a tropical-like summer which was so weird. At least we haven’t had as many hot days as usual, and none near to records. That has been pleasant.

Anyway, it looks like I will just be concentrating on growing potatoes from now on, apart from a few mixed veg for the house. I have some interesting ones that are getting trialled.

We’re just exiting the (really) rainy season. Ground is still mostly mud right now. In a few weeks, I will probably be in full swing though. I have about 10,000 seedlings under lights. This will be a big oca seedling year, and I expect to grow at least 6,000, hoping to find at least one 13 hour variety.

Arracacha is tricky. They do have an annoying tendency to die unpredictably.

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