Yam Daisy (Myrnong)

Anyone know of a seed source in USA for this tuberous edible?

I’m not aware of any US sources and hardly any Australian sources. I’ll offer it if I can ever get it to flower. It is extremely slow growing, with small, fragile roots. I have a few survivors in a pot that I’m hoping will go to seed at some point.

I’m growing this in Australia and have some seeds available.

Hi Kurtkuffer,
Would you have seeds for trade or sale? Thanks!

This is the only commercial source that I know of that actually has any in stock:

Shipping to the US is pretty pricey.

Hi Splendidplants,
Happy to do a trade.

seed may be available from this resource. Stock List - Victorian Indigenous Nurseries Co-operative
3 Jul 2012 … Lomandra longifolia. Spiny-headed Mat-rush. Mentha australis. River Mint. Microseris lanceolata. Myrnong / Yam Daisy. Pelargonium australe.