2022 TPS seedlings

This year’s crop of potato seedlings. I am not growing very many this year because I expect blight to return. These are a gamble in case things turn out better than I expect. These pots were all sown on the same day, approximately 100 seeds per pot. You can see that there are big differences in germination and seedling development. More information with the pics.

Inka Gold x Azul Toro

Ozette x bulk tetraploids

Desiree seedling mix. Another surprise with poor germination.

Papa Cacho x Loowit

Ozette x bulk yellow tetraploids

PI 205524. This is interesting. The genebank accession 205524 has terrible germination. I assumed that this was due to the age of the seed, but my fresh seed also has terrible germination.

Shetland Black x OP. This seed has been in the freezer for 10 years and I am freshening it up.

Tumiri F2

PI 232842. 200 seeds in this pot. This is an experiment. I lost track of a container of berries and didn’t process them for more than a year. I wondered if any would germinate.

Desiloo x Loowit. I am surprised by the poor germination.

Cruza 148 x Sarpo Mira

BB progeny x Bloody Banana. This is a Bloody Banana seedling that is very similar backcrossed to Bloody Banana.

Bloody Banana OP

Rozette OP

Chacoense M6 x bulk diploids

Sarpo Mira x Cruzazul

Gunter Red x Bloody Banana. I am surprised by the low germ, given that both parents typically produce seedlings with excellent germination.

Twanoh y Azul OP

What do you do with these seedlings at this stage? Do you transplant them or let them grow in the pot together? I have 4 pots of crosses i bought from here at this stage right now, just curious as to your next steps. Yellow tetraploid mix, blue tetraploid mix, pirampo, and nemah, all OP


They look like they are about ready to be separated. I pull them out and repot individually, burying up to the top set of leaves. Then, let them grow to 4-6 inches tall and they are ready to be transplanted to their final location.

I very thoughtfully started TPS seeds from you, Bill, and then realized just as the very first pioneers started coming up that i had to leave town for almost two weeks. So, i ised packong tape to seal up a mini greenhouse to retain moisture and left them in a modestly bright spot… they aurvived, but are spindly!

I popped them in full sun for an hour yesterday and immediately they started strengthening and growing true leaves.