Any thoughts on planting out Yacon "houseplant"?

I’ve had a Sol Duc Yacon as a houseplant under lights for about a year now as I skipped outdoor gardening plans in 2020. (… and it has survived through bouts of neglect.)

Any thoughts on planting it out this year?

I’m planning on planting it out as
one plant unless it would grow better to separate it into multiple plants.

Currently it is growing well after cutting it back as part of efforts to rid it of an aphid problem. It is in a 1 gal pot and has many sprouts coming up.

It should be fine. You won’t get as much root yield as you would by splitting it up, but you should get a very robust, multi-stemmed plant.

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Thanks for the info! Concerned more about having a healthy resilient plant and watching it grow than maximum yield. lol.

I have another variety (probably bogachiel… squirrels took the tag. lol) that has a single healthy sprout. It recovered from squirrels digging into the pot and eating it off and down through the tubers until I thought it was lost. Happy surprise when it reappeared.