Cotyledon variation in Solanum ajanhuiri

Solanum ajanhuiri is a hybrid potato species, with a domesticated parent and a wild parent (Solanum boliviense). It is neat to see the parental characteristics revealed in the seedlings, most of which have short, domesticated type cotyledons, but some of which have long, tapering wild-type cotyledons similar to S. boliviense. These seeds are from a variety belonging to the Ajawiri group, which is though to have a greater genetic contribution from domesticated than wild potatoes. I hope to be able to eventually grow seedlings from a member of the Yari group, which is thought to have a greater contribution of wile genetics. I would expect to see a greater portion of long cotyledons from those.


Do these seem simular? Front is from Rozette TPS, back one from Bloody Banana TPS. Both seem slower than their siblings and have a basal branching look to them.

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