How to describe potato texures

I’m finding it difficult to describe the texture of many of my TPS grown potato varieties. They don’t seem to fit into the ‘traditional’ classifications of waxy, floury, or all purpose. What words do others use to describe those spuds that have a sticky, mushy texture when cooked? The stick-to-your-belly style.


Not a work of art, but I put this together a while back. I think that floury and waxy are pretty good terms. The harder part is describing the intermediate textures.


Thanks Bill. Your ‘graph’ is actually quite handy. I realise that I am unconsciously selecting for sticky/gluey because that is what I like, but I have to start making an effort to select other texture traits for other people to enjoy.
Can I use it on my site? It would help explain texture to my customers. No problem if you’d rather I didn’t :slight_smile:

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Sure, no problem.