root chervil


I came across root chervil as a really tasty vegetable, and found it on Cultivariable. I ordered seed, probably too late, planted it in early March, and, as expected, I don’t think it’s sprouting (I only kept it in the fridge a few days). Now I want to grow it the right way. I live in southeastern PA, Zone 7B, and grow vegetables in containers and raised beds. Does anyone know when the seed will be available again? Would you suggest sowing it in February and harvesting in the fall, or stratifying it in the refrigerator and planting it in the spring, doing a summer harvest and then keeping the roots in the fridge for three weeks?

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I wouldn’t give up on it yet. March is fairly chilly in your area and the nighttime temperatures were probably cold enough to satisfy the chilling requirement. You might not get great germination, but I think you’ll get something. It is a little slow and irregular coming up, so keep an eye on it through April. Here’s what you’re looking for:


Sowing outdoors is easier, but you lose more seeds to pests and weather. It is a better strategy once you have a lot of seed to work with. Given the relatively small number of seeds per packet, stratification is more economical.

We won’t have more seed until fall when the next crop comes in.

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Sounds good! I have a couple of tiny green things coming up, but it’s too early to tell if they’re the real thing or weeds. I’ll wait and see.Wink

By the way, how do I pre-order it?

WillI be able to preorder it for this fall?

We don’t have it available for pre-order this year because I did an intense selection in 2015. We’re growing a relatively small number of the best plants this year and can’t be sure how much seed will be available. We will probably have some around the end of September.

That’s great! Will you email me when it is available?