Thoughts on PNW potato culture

Hi all,

I wonder what everyone’s thoughts are about creating a subsistence potato culture in this climate. What would be some defining attributes? What fits our climate patterns? What would make a reliable staple?

Irrigated or dry farmed? Would low dormancy potatoes have a place as a reliable staple? Would there always be a spot for seedling (TPS) potatoes each year to keep genetics and disease resistance changing? Would you be able to eat potatoes year round?

Right now I have too many questions to make my own framework, but I hope some of you that live in this area can chime in with how you grow for your family or community.

I’ve only been growing potatoes for a few years but they’re clearly perennial and borderline invasive in our climate. I’m not really sure how to tell if any of the new plants in spring are from seeds. I suspect none have been at least so far in my garden. My worry in the next few years will be disease and insects adapting to the returning potatoes. I already have a lot of flea beetles munching through mine.