White Fungus Growing on my Mashua Tubers Help


I am a first time purchaser of mashua tubers and am having difficulty with a fungus problem. Originally I received 5 tubers and a fungus quickly started growing on them. Acting I removed the portions of the tuber infected with a buffer and planted in newly purchased top soil; however, the fungus has reappeared and now there isn’t much left to save. How do I battle this what should I do in the future? It has only been a week and a half since I received my package.


Hi Isaac. Fungus on mashua is not a common problem in my experience. I would generally try to wash it off and then plant, but it sounds like it is something aggressive from your description. Please contact us by email about replacement or refund, depending on availability. Sorry about that - tubers are living things and sometimes problems develop during shipping that weren’t apparent when they were packed.